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Re: compiling Real Player

On Tue, 10 Feb 2004, Scott Berry wrote:

 > Hi there guys and gals,
 > I am writing up a instruction page for my local public radio station here
 > and I am wondering if some one can give me specific instructions on how to
 > compile Real Player libs from a bin over to the actual library that needs
 > to be used.  In Debian we just have a package but I want to be specific or
 > as specific as I can for all Linux systems in general.  Thanks all for the
 > help.
AFAIK realplayer is binary-only.
You mostly have to download the package form the real.com website.
Debian indeed *had* the realplayer package (I can't find it anymore under
testing or unstable, the gentoo distribution ahs a realplyaer or realone
package as well.
redhat rpms (suse and mandrake use prm as well) can be found on the

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