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Re: brlapi and the Braille Lite driver

Dear Kenny, dear all,

BrlAPI provides several different functionalities to client
applications. Some of them are indeed available only if braille drivers
have been especially modified, but other functionalities can be used
without any modification to braille drivers.

Functionalities that absolutely require modifications of the braille
driver are:

(1) exchnge of so-called raw packets with the braille driver (to
write a file-transfer client, e.g.), and

(2) delivery of driver specific key codes, which lets one design
driver-dependnt client applications.

Among functionalitiet which _don't_ require any driver modification to
work correctly, is the reading of brltty commands, as returned to brltty
by braille drivers, since these commands are driver-independent.

For instance, no driver modification is required to be able to use
gnopernicus, since it makes use of brltty commands, and doesn't make use
of any functionality requiring driver-enhancements.


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