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Re: eflite/flite

Hi Kristoffer,

If you configure eflite with
configure --with-vox=cmu_us_kal16
then it should link against the 16-bit voice.

It should normally be sufficient to compile it once unless you upgrade the libraries to which it is linked and they become incompatible with your binary.

Flite is more limited than festival and does not support mbrola. It does apparently have tools that mostly automate conversion of festival voices to flite voices.

If you want to use mbrola with yasr, then my advice would be to play around with its festival support. There have also been an emacspeak server or two for it that may be helpful.

-- Michael Gorse / AIM:linvortex / http://mgorse.home.dhs.org --

On Tue, 12 Apr 2005, Gustafsson Kristoffer (elev) wrote:

I have one flite and one eflite question.
Let's start with the eflite one first.
If I compile eflite one time, do I need to recompile it if i have a computer crash, or can I just copy it to a floppy/cd and use it?
also, How di I get eflite to use kal 16?
I've managed to do this with flite, but not with eflite.

And now the other question.
Is there a way to get flite to use another voices such as mbrola?
I prefer mbrola rather than the kal 16 voices, so if you could tell me how to get flite to use mbrola or how I can use mbrola with yasr I'll be very grateful.

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