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Re: replacement for skype

I'm using asterisk for this.
Which is a bit of a bitch to configure correctly.

I have an url somewhere which tells exactly howto do this for
freeworlddilaup, but as the box that bookmarkfile is on crashed on me, I
cannot included in this mail.

Will send it later this week.

I also check the debain-package listings, but only found asterisk and some
gnome/kde stuff.

(if you deside to test gnome accessibility,, gnophone may work for you,
dunno if it's gtk2, freeworlddialup.com has a section on IAX, you need
that for gnophone to connect with).

On Sun, 17 Apr 2005, Ari Moisio wrote:

 > Hi!
 >    Any recommendations for good SIP client for Linux console? I have tested
 > so far
 > Minisip
 > - Does not even compile.
 > - Linphonec
 > - No audio
 > Simpleopal
 > - Segfaults during call establishemnt.
 > Any other applications?

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