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[ Speakup 2.0 release announcement]


Thought this might be useful for people who aren't on the speakup list.


At last!  Speakup 2.0 is finally here!  The speakup-2.0.tar.gz file is
now available on http://linux-speakup.org/ in the Speakup area.

Speakup is a screen reader for Linux.  It allows a blind person to have
complete text console access to Linux from the time the kernel is loaded
until shutdown.  Speakup is a set of patches to the standard Linux
kernel source, and is distributed under the GPL (GNU Public License)
version II or later.  See the file "copying" in the Linux source tree for
further details.  Speakup 2.0 was written by Kirk Reiser, David Borowski
and Andy Berdan.

The Speakup User's Guide is distributed under the GFDL (GNU Free
Documentation License) version 1.2 or any later version published by the
Free Software Foundation.  See the file "spkguide.txt" either on the web
at http://linux-speakup.org, or in the speakup-2.0.tar.gz file for
further details.

This version is greatly enhanced over the previous Speakup 1.5 release. 
Some of Speakup's new features include:

*  New and improved documentation, including a User's Guide.
*  A rearranged /proc/speakup system.
*  Support for Speakup as modules.
*  Hot keys for controlling such things as rate, pitch and volume.
*  Support for the DECPC DecTalk synthesizer card.
*  Support for software synthesizers used by speech-dispatcher.
*  An online help system.
*  Better cursor tracking.
*  A windowing facility for silencing or keeping track of a specified
   area of the screen.

There are probably other things I'm forgetting, but these are the major
new features.

Many thanks to Kirk, David, Andy and all those who participated in the
development and testing of Speakup 2.0.  It's been a long haul, but it's
finally here.  Enjoy.

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