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Re: file managers

A good way to get started at this point might be to install Cygwin on
your Windows system (www.cygwin.com - it's free despite the
.com). Since I'm a braille only user I'm not sure how smoothly it'll
talk, nor do I know what screenreader you're used to, but it should be
usable if not beautiful. Once you get Cygwin going you can use the man
command to read the manuals.

Which is a cop out way of saying I don't remember exactly. It's not
ctrl-x; might be d or del or maybe D. But it's doable. The fact that I
don't remember right offhand means it's not really that important to
me. :-)

On Thu, Jul 28, 2005 at 06:46:50PM +0100, Chris Norman wrote:
> How do you issue the commands against the files?
> I mean, is it "d" to delete or "CTRL+X" to move like in windows?
> I'm interested, I haven't actually installed Linux yet, but my mum says I 
> had a hardware synthesizer come with my HAL (for windows), so I should be 
> on the road, but in the interim, I'm gathering all the information I can.
> Cheers,
> Chris Norman.
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> Sent: Tuesday, July 26, 2005 7:50 PM
> Subject: Re: file managers
> >Yes, Lynx is a web browser, but if you open it to the current
> >directory it lists all your files and you can issue commands against
> >them. I have mine set up so if I don't give a web site it displays the
> >current directory. In /etc/lynx-site.cfg I have:
> >
> >STARTFILE:. # Start in current directory
> >
> >As I reread my earlier response it strikes me as a bit harsh. I did
> >not mean it to be; I just wanted to have some idea of what a "file
> >manager" does. As I said, I've got a limited imagination. About the
> >only thing such programs as Lynx and Emacs don't provide is a recycle
> >bin, and someone earlier this year suggested an alias for rm that
> >should do the trick. Don't remember exactly what it was but shouldn't
> >be too hard to create.
> >
> >On Mon, Jul 25, 2005 at 07:15:52PM +0100, Chris Norman wrote:
> >>Isn't LynX a web browser?
> >>
> >>Cheers,
> >>
> >>Chris Norman.
> >>
> >><!-- chris norman4 ntlworld com -->
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> >>From: <Lee_Maschmeyer wayne edu>
> >>To: "Linux for blind general discussion" <blinux-list redhat com>
> >>Sent: Monday, July 25, 2005 6:02 PM
> >>Subject: Re: file managers
> >>
> >>
> >>>On Fri, Jul 22, 2005 at 07:26:35PM -0700, Tyler Spivey wrote:
> >>>>Before I go out on a limb and write my own file manager, what file
> >>>>managers do you all use/recommend?
> >>>
> >>>Duh... What do you want it to do?
> >>>
> >>>For a point and shoot interface to deleting files I use either emacs
> >>>or lynx. Not being familiar with Talking Directory, and presumably
> >>>having a limited imagination, I for one might find a list of
> >>>requirements enlightening...
> >>>
> >
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