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Re: abook with set show_cursor=true doesn't work

So, you don't say whether you followed all the instructions. In other
words, you downloaded from CVS and compiled? Correct? And, you're
certain you're executing the the correct abook version?

PS: It works for me.

Aldo writes:
> Hi,
> a few months ago I read here that the cursor was able to follow our braille
> display, or was it viceversa???... anyway I did created a file .abookrc even
> in my ~ as in my ~/.abook/ dir
> but no matter how does I start abook, it absolutely does'nt change anything:
> the cursor is not following.
> For your info, I'm running under Debian Sarge version 0.5.3-3 of abook.
> Any help welcome; tell me what I'm doing wrong?
> Aldo.
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