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Re: ubuntu linux

Josh wrote:

How do I burn the ubuntu cd?

This will depend on what CD burning program you have. You will need it to be able to accept an ISO9660 CD image.

Is there an OCR program for ubuntu so i can scan and read documents using my scanner to scan printed materials?

There are two components - the scanning engine and the OCR software. The scanning engine is called Sane. You can find out about it at www.sane-project.org

There are a few open source OCR packages. One is called Gocr and has been around for some time. It's accuracy is not mind-numbing, but it is improving and has been around for awhile. It's at jocr.sourceforge.net

I found a good article reviewing several free offerings. It's at http://groundstate.ca/ocr

There is also a commercial package called OCR Shop. This has been around for awhile and I know a number of people who have used it. I was a little surprised to not find this one mentioned in the review. It's at www.vividata.com

Finally, I should point out that LInux in general is not a nice cozy environment like Windows. It will be difficult to get some things to work, and much will require editing configuration files in a text editor rather than using nice preferences dialog boxes. If you're not prepared to do a lot of reading and getting your hands dirty, Linux is not for you. Also, people tend to be more willing to help if you can demonstrate that you've already tried to find the answers for yourself. MOst of them had to do this and expect you to at least try to do the same. If you don't want to do this, don't expect that your questions will continue to be answered. People will eventually get sick of answering your questions and just ignore them.


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