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Re: Very basic fc6 question

Michael Malver writes:
> Last time I installed linux was fc3, and since it had been a couple
> years, and with orca on the sceen, I decided to install fc6.
> I thought my 300 mhz pentium with 128 meg would be enough, but the
> installer claims I do not have enough memory when I boot up.

It's correct, at least if you plan to run Orca. I should think you
should still be able to run text consoles under FC6, but I haven't
looked at the why and howto of low memory installation with FC6 yet.
But, it's certainly not enough for satisfactory results in the gui. Keep
this old machine for text consoles, and look for something newer for the


> Is it
> finally time for me to kiss this machine good-bye, or do I have some
> options.
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