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Re: FC-6 speakup install failures

When using the speakup install of fedora 6 can I use the braillefied installer to install? I have no hardware speech, but I want to use the cepstral voice I have with speech dispatcher.

Also, is there a dvd image available for the speakup modified fc6?
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These errors are not actual fact. What I mean is that you can, and we
have, determined that the packages which appear to cause the failure are
actually present and pass their checksums. So, something else is going
on. In fact, if you rerun the installation with the same media on the
same machine, you're likely to run into a different error, or no error
at all. And, of course, others of us have installed from these same
images without incident.

It would be extremely helpful to know if the problem occurs with the
stock Fedora disks (or not). I am not aware that there has been much testing of
text mode installation in Fedora. Most users installing interactively
are using the graphical installer. Most others are doing "kick start"
scripted installs.


Jude DaShiell writes:
these happened on both an old Dell machine circa 1999 a dimension dsx I
think and a new amd athelon-64 computer. The same error hit both machines
on the same file and does so on different files when install office
productivity is unchecked.  Then it happens on vim-enhanced.  What it is
is a claim that a disk is corrupt and a request to insert disk -99 on a
retry. Fedora didn't make that many disks. Also, the media check was run
on every disk I downloaded with some very aggressive integrity checking
options in rsync from that site.  wget -b FC-6-*.iso did not download any
changes or additions either.  I am not unique in having this problem but
may be unique in terms of the quantity and diversity of machines this
error happens on consistently.  The amd athelon-64 emulates 32-bit
operations well enough to run windows xp when I have the windows xp disk
inserted.  Given operating system conflicts I've opted for the use of
drive sleds to prevent anymore fighting.

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