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Re: what wouldbe the most blind friendly distribution of linux

I don't think voxin supports as many languages that espeak do.
I haven't for example seen swedish beeing supported.
BUt with espeak you can just change to swedish.

Willem van der Walt skrev 2010-08-04 09:30:
As others have said, for now, go for Vinux.
You can also download a usb stick version.
By default Vinux comes up talking in orca, the graphical  screen reader
and with speakup in the console.
The default synthesizer is espeak.
Many people prefer to buy what is now called voxin, but was known as IBM
Viavoice ttsynth eloquence over the years.
I would suggest that you try to use espeak for a week or so before
concluding that you need another synth.
I am so used to using espeak now that I never use ibm viavoice even it is
on my machine.
Regards, Willem

On Wed, 4 Aug 2010, Zdenek Vopat wrote:

Hello listers:
what would be the most blind friendly distribution of linux?
I am thinking of getting the the world of liinux and looking for  the most blind friendly distribution. I would probably use it with a netbook maybe with my asus eeepc1000, I also need the be able to convert my work to ms office and vice versa, maybe get into some other stuff as well. so what distribution aand software you would recommend. I would also use brltty 4.2 probably either with focus blue braille display or brailliant braille display and also which speech software you'd recommend?
Many thanks.

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