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Re: question for command line users only

Hello Jos,

I use sc, but don't know how it stacks up against the other command line candidates in terms of function sets. On Sat, 7 Aug 2010, Jos Lemmens wrote:

Hello Jude,

What do you think of sc? It's a ncurses based spreadsheet.



On Fri, Aug 06, 2010 at 08:58:55PM -0400, Jude DaShiell wrote:
What is the Linux spreadsheet with the richest set of functions in
it? Reason I'm asking is archlinux has no spreadsheet in it yet
other than possibly perl-matrix that can be used on the command line
and I figured to get the best one and build that and offer it to the
community as a candidate for inclusion.  I got Talking Arch Linux
working this morning and have been setting it up since this

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