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Re: Notetakers

I would think that even if you get pocketputty or the other ssh/telnet client configured on your Pac Mate, it might still be too limiting to run pine comfortably. Its hard enough to use pine on a linux machine with speakup. But you'd be using pine in a Windows ssh client with jaws. On top of that, its not regular jaws, its jaws for Windows Mobile. Even if you can get an ssh client working on your Pac Mate, you might not be able to use pine.

Are you already using a Windows ssh client? I use openssh for Windows when I do ssh. It works well with jaws but it works great with nvda. Whne I really need to do something important in ssh, I use a linux machine with speakup. Nothing is better than that. But openssh for Windows and nvda is really good too. So if you get a netbook, you could put nvda on it and openssh both of which are free. You would have no additional costs besides the netbook itself

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Uh, I telnet to Shellworld all of the time. Pine is definitely on the shell. I've been playing with Unix shells since 1994, so I do understand the core basics. My question was if there was any notetaker or software that would allow me to either telnet/ssh to my shell account. The Pac Mate runs Windows Mobile, which does not have either client installed. It sounds like I may have a couple of options. I can either use a telnet/ssh client for Windows Mobile such as VXHPC or Pocket Putty. There might also be a way for me to set up Outlook to access my mail on Shellworld since I believe it uses pop3. I'd rather access my mail on the command line, but I might ultimately have to go that route. I've also considered purchasing a netbook which would allow me to install a terminal program like Tera Term Pro since I'd be using a real PC. I may be getting to the point where using a notetaker may be more limiting than I would like. I really appreciate those of you who have taken the time to answer my questions and given me some food for thought. I ultimately asked the question on the Linux list since most people on other blindness-related lists I'm subscribed to had no answer. Since I want to access my UNIX shell and ultimately build my own Linux box, I thought there would be knowledgeable people on this list who might be able to give me some direction. Ok, so that's my long explanation for my question. Thanks to everyone again for being willing to help.

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