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[Cluster-devel] cluster/gfs-kernel/src/gfs super.c

CVSROOT:	/cvs/cluster
Module name:	cluster
Branch: 	RHEL4
Changes by:	wcheng sourceware org	2006-08-02 01:28:57

Modified files:
	gfs-kernel/src/gfs: super.c 

Log message:
	Bugzilla 199984: Increasing gt_statfs_slots tunable could significantly
	boost gfs "df" performance; e.g. set it to 128 from current default (64)
	could cut the "df" wall time in half with larger filesystem size. However,
	the kmalloc call within stat_gfs_async() has the possibility to fail due
	to increased gt_statfs_slots. There is really no need for this array to
	be on a piece of contiguous memory. Switch to vmalloc().


--- cluster/gfs-kernel/src/gfs/super.c	2006/02/15 17:19:22
+++ cluster/gfs-kernel/src/gfs/super.c	2006/08/02 01:28:57
@@ -840,7 +840,7 @@
 	memset(sg, 0, sizeof(struct gfs_stat_gfs));
-	gha = kmalloc(slots * sizeof(struct gfs_holder), GFP_KERNEL);
+	gha = vmalloc(slots * sizeof(struct gfs_holder));
 	if (!gha)
 		return -ENOMEM;
 	memset(gha, 0, slots * sizeof(struct gfs_holder));
@@ -884,7 +884,7 @@
-	kfree(gha);
+	vfree(gha);
 	return error;

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