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[Cluster-devel] Re: [NFS] [PATCH 0/3] NLM lock failover

On Sat, 2006-08-05 at 15:44, Wendy Cheng wrote:
> On Fri, 2006-08-04 at 11:51 -0400, Trond Myklebust wrote:
> > On Fri, 2006-08-04 at 10:56 -0400, Wendy Cheng wrote:

> Note that before patch 3-3, the kernel always sets 2-b to
> system_utsname.nodename. For rpc.statd, if RESTRICTED_STATD flag is on,
> the rpc.statd always set 4-b to Without RESTRICTED_STATD on,
> it sets 4-b with whatever was passed by kernel (via 2-b). What (kernel)
> patch 3-3 does is setting 2-b to the floating ip so rpc.statd could get
> the correct ip and pass it into 4-b.
> Greg said (I havn't figured out how) without setting 4-b to,
> we "may" open a security hole.

Aha, I see what you needed.  You could have changed the logic
in the RESTRICTED_STATD case of sm_mon_1_svc() not to ignore the
passed my_addr.s_addr if svc_getcaller(rqstp->rq_xprt) is a
privileged port on localhost.  This would probably give you your
logic without reopening the security hole.

> take-over server:
> B-1. mount the subject filesystem
> B-2. "echo 1234 > /proc/fs/nfsd/nlm_set_ip_grace"
> B-3. "rpc.statd -n -N -P /shared_storage/sm_10.10.1.1"
> B-4. bring up
> B-5. re-export the filesystem

Umm, don't you want to do B-3 after B-4 and B-5 ?  Otherwise
clients might racily fail on the first try.

Also, just curious here, when do you purge the clients' ARP caches?

Greg Banks, R&D Software Engineer, SGI Australian Software Group.
I don't speak for SGI.

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