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[Cluster-devel] cluster WHATS_NEW

CVSROOT:	/cvs/cluster
Module name:	cluster
Branch: 	STABLE
Changes by:	teigland sourceware org	2006-08-16 15:29:54

Modified files:
	.              : WHATS_NEW 

Log message:
	list changes since last release


--- cluster/Attic/WHATS_NEW	2006/04/10 21:03:50
+++ cluster/Attic/WHATS_NEW	2006/08/16 15:29:54
@@ -1,3 +1,45 @@
+Version 1.03.00 - 16 August 2006
+  dlm-kernel: Don't try to unlock a lock if there's no LKB. bz#188525
+  cman-kernel: Don't try to delete AUTODELETE barriers in timer context as
+  we can't get the semaphore that protects the structures. bz#177577
+  cman-kernel: If quit_threads gets set via an incoming message, don't try
+  to carry on. bz#164535
+  gfs_fsck: fix to repair damaged and corrupt resource groups and resource
+  group index entries that previously caused gfs_fsck to abort. bz#179069
+  gfs-kernel: allow cman nodeid to be used with CDPN. bz#198381
+  cman-kernel: Don't try to print local node stuff is 'us' is NULL. bz#189605
+  dlm-kernel: We need to allocated space for 5 ints, rather than 4 when
+  sending a query reply. bz#173811
+  cman-kernel: Clear comms sequence number for a node when it leaves the
+  cluster.  Otherwise we ignore messages when it tries to join again and
+  causes cluster mayhem. bz#187777
+  fenced: If there are no devices defined within a node's method, that method
+  should be considered failed. bz#190661
+  gfs-kernel: When releasing a glock with GL_NOCACHE flag set, care was not
+  taken to ensure that only one holder for the glock remained. This was
+  corrupting the glock and preventing further access to the glock. FLOCKS use
+  this GL_NOCACHE flag. bz#191222
+  ccsd: Fix inifinite loop causing hangs in other daemons. bz#194361
+  gfs_fsck: improve logging. bz#156009
+  cman-kernel: If we get a Master-HELLO and we are not the master for this
+  transition then kick off a new one to resolve the ambiguity. bz#194491
+  gnbd: Make gnbd work with device mapper multipath
+  gnbd: Fix gnbd_monitor so that it will correctly restart multiple
+  devices per server.
+  dlm-kernel: add printk's for the error conditions so we have some idea
+  what happened before a gfs panic.
+  cman: Allow zero votes.
+  gfs-kernel: F_GETLK was broken, always used to return zero conflicts
+  for local plocks. Also bogus pid was being returned for local locks.
+  Added a new pid field to gfs posix lock to store and return actual pid.
+  bz#198303
+  rgmanager: nfsclient.sh status checks wrong. bz#200449
+  dlm-kernel: Kernel Oops when passing LKF_CANCEL to dlm_ls_unlock_wait.
+  bz#201325
+  ccsd: don't grab random config from network, require initial cluster.conf
+  gulm: bz#183507
 Version 1.02.00 - 10 April 2006
   dlm-kernel: Allow DLM to start if the node gets a different nodeid.

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