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Re: [Cluster-devel] [RFC 0/3] GFS2 rename race

I applied the three patches

Putz-Less Yum Nut->quilt applied (fix it fool)?yes

s/built-in.o: In function `gfs2_get_dentry':
/fs/gfs2/ops_export.c:294: undefined reference to `gfs2_refresh_inode'

Did I miss something?

On Tue, 2006-12-12 at 02:53 -0500, Wendy Cheng wrote:
> GFS is reported to have a rename race due to the following calling sequence:
> 1. vfs do_rename() does path lookup (on directories)
> 2. vfs do_rename() calls lock_rename() for local locking
> 3. vfs do_rename() does final file names lookup
> 4. vfs do_rename() calls GFS's rename function
> Since (2) is not cluster-aware, by the time GFS rename is invoked in 
> (4), another node could have altered (remove or create) the destination 
> file *after* dentry is obtained from (3). The stale dentry will fail the 
> final round of inode sanity check. The system call is subsequently 
> aborted with ENOENT error. Some applications (mostly mail servers) are 
> said to have issues with this - the bug is reported as "error when two 
> nodes rename two files to same new name".
> One possible (simple) fix for the subject bugzilla is to alter vfs 
> lock_rename() to take cluster locks. This requires upstream VFS layer 
> change (and it does make the described problem go away). Unfortunately, 
> this issue turns out to be much more complicated than the bugzilla has 
> reported. It is not so much about rename race but a generic GFS inherent 
> design issue. Since GFS never bothers to ask other nodes to refresh 
> their dentry upon removing the file (this would create stale dentries 
> hanging around in other nodes), each node is responsible to check the 
> inode validity for relevant operations (e.g. call gfs_unlink_ok()). This 
> implies if we do extra lockings in lock_rename(), it makes no difference 
> in gfs_rename() - we still need to check gfs_unlink_ok() and it still 
> can return ENOENT error, *if the stale dentries have existed before 
> rename system call is invoked*.  So we end up giving up the lock_rename 
> fix but go for the following three patches:
> Patch 3-1: Yank inode refresh logic out of gfs(x)_get_dentry (currently 
> only used by NFS server) so both NFS and rename can share the function.
> Patch 3-2:  Fix a possible rename deadlock ordering.
> Patch 3-3: The core changes for the described bugzilla.
> -- Wendy
Russell Cattelan <cattelan redhat com>

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