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[Cluster-devel] New gfs2 mkfs in HEAD


I just wanted to let everybody know: I just committed a new version of gfs2's mkfs code to CVS HEAD that uses udev's libvolume_id library to figure out a pre-existing file system. Because it uses libvolume_id, you'll need this library in order to compile mkfs.

The gfs and gfs2 code is included in version -094 of udev on kernel.org.
Future releases of FC6 and RHEL5 should come with this library installed in /usr/lib but if you're like me, developing on an FC5 box, you might not have it. So here's one
way you can get it:

1. Point your web browser at:
2. Download it somewhere.
3. Untar it:  tar -xjf udev-094.tar.bz2
4. Compile with this command:
   make EXTRAS="extras/volume_id" install
(Right now, udev doesn't compile and install libvolume_id by default, but I'm told it will eventually).


Bob Peterson
Red Hat Cluster Suite

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