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[Cluster-devel] conga/luci/site/luci/Extensions cluster_adapte ...

CVSROOT:	/cvs/cluster
Module name:	conga
Changes by:	jparsons sourceware org	2006-11-07 20:14:15

Modified files:
	luci/site/luci/Extensions: cluster_adapters.py 

Log message:
	doh. remove debug lines


--- conga/luci/site/luci/Extensions/cluster_adapters.py	2006/11/07 20:13:17	1.151
+++ conga/luci/site/luci/Extensions/cluster_adapters.py	2006/11/07 20:14:15	1.152
@@ -2992,9 +2992,7 @@
         for flevel in flevels: #These are the method blocks...
           kids = flevel.getChildren()
           for kid in kids: #These are actual devices in each level
-            luci_log.debug_verbose('getFencesInfo: comparing >%s< and >%s<' % (kid.getName().strip(),fd.getName().strip()))
             if kid.getName().strip() == fd.getName().strip():
-              luci_log.debug_verbose('getFencesInfo: Found a match')
               #See if this fd already has an entry for this node
               found_duplicate = False
               for item in nodes_used:

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