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[Cluster-devel] conga/luci/site/luci/Extensions ricci_bridge.py

CVSROOT:	/cvs/cluster
Module name:	conga
Branch: 	RHEL5
Changes by:	rmccabe sourceware org	2006-11-20 23:30:47

Modified files:
	luci/site/luci/Extensions: ricci_bridge.py 

Log message:
	return either true, false or none, depending on whether the node is virtual, not
	virtual, or we're unable to determine whether it's virtual, respectively


--- conga/luci/site/luci/Extensions/ricci_bridge.py	2006/11/16 20:22:17
+++ conga/luci/site/luci/Extensions/ricci_bridge.py	2006/11/20 23:30:47
@@ -503,6 +503,15 @@
 	ricci_xml = rc.batch_run(batch_str)
 	return batchAttemptResult(ricci_xml)
+def nodeIsVirtual(rc):
+	batch_str = '<module name="cluster"><request API_version="1.0"><function_call name="virt_guest"/></request></module>'
+	ricci_xml = rc.batch_run(batch_str, async=False)
+	if not ricci_xml or not ricci_xml.firstChild:
+		luci_log.debug_verbose('no ricci_xml in nodeIsVirtual')
+		return None
+	return ricci_xml.firstChild
 def getDaemonStates(rc, dlist):
 	batch_str = '<module name="service"><request API_version="1.0"><function_call name="query"><var mutable="false" name="search" type="list_xml">'

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