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[Cluster-devel] cluster/gfs2 mkfs/main_mkfs.c man/mkfs.gfs2.8

CVSROOT:	/cvs/cluster
Module name:	cluster
Branch: 	RHEL50
Changes by:	rpeterso sourceware org	2006-11-28 18:41:41

Modified files:
	gfs2/mkfs      : main_mkfs.c 
	gfs2/man       : mkfs.gfs2.8 

Log message:
	Resolves: bz216902: mkfs.gfs2 allows non-4K block size.
	The executive decision was made to remove the -b option in mkfs.gfs2
	until we can get all of this sorted out with the gfs2 kernel.


--- cluster/gfs2/mkfs/main_mkfs.c	2006/07/10 22:51:10	1.8
+++ cluster/gfs2/mkfs/main_mkfs.c	2006/11/28 18:41:41
@@ -58,7 +58,6 @@
-	printf("  -b <bytes>       Filesystem block size\n");
 	printf("  -c <MB>          Size of quota change file\n");
 	printf("  -D               Enable debugging code\n");
 	printf("  -h               Print this help, then exit\n");
@@ -90,12 +89,9 @@
 	sdp->device_name = NULL;
 	while (cont) {
-		optchar = getopt(argc, argv, "-b:c:DhJ:j:Op:qr:t:u:VX");
+		optchar = getopt(argc, argv, "-c:DhJ:j:Op:qr:t:u:VX");
 		switch (optchar) {
-		case 'b':
-			sdp->bsize = atoi(optarg);
-			break;
 		case 'c':
 			sdp->qcsize = atoi(optarg);
@@ -195,7 +191,6 @@
 	if (sdp->debug) {
 		printf("Command Line Arguments:\n");
-		printf("  bsize = %u\n", sdp->bsize);
 		printf("  qcsize = %u\n", sdp->qcsize);
 		printf("  jsize = %u\n", sdp->jsize);
 		printf("  journals = %u\n", sdp->md.journals);
--- cluster/gfs2/man/mkfs.gfs2.8	2006/06/12 23:04:47	1.1
+++ cluster/gfs2/man/mkfs.gfs2.8	2006/11/28 18:41:41
@@ -15,14 +15,6 @@
-\fB-b\fP \fIBlockSize\fR 
-Set the filesystem block size to \fIBlockSize\fR (must be a power of
-two).  The minimum block size is 512.  The FS block size cannot exceed
-the machine's memory page size.  On the most architectures (i386,
-x86_64, s390, s390x), the memory page size is 4096 bytes.  On other
-architectures it may be bigger.  The default block size is 4096 bytes.
-In general, GFS2 filesystems should not deviate from the default value.
 \fB-c MegaBytes\fP
 Initial size of each journal's quota change file

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