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Re: [NFS] [Cluster-devel] [PATCH 0/4 Revised] NLM - lock failover

Neil Brown wrote:

On Thursday April 26, wcheng redhat com wrote:
A convincing argument... unfortunately, this happens to be a case where we need to protect server from client's misbehaviors. For a local filesystem (ext3), if any file reference count is not zero (i.e. some clients are still holding the locks), the filesystem can't be un-mounted. We would have to fail the failover to avoid data corruption.

I think this is a tangential problem.
"removing locks held by troublesome clients so that I can unmount my
filesystem" is quite different from "remove locks held by client
clients using virtual-NAS-foo so they can be migrated".
The reason to unmount is because we want to migrate the virtual IP. IMO they are the same issue but it is silly to keep fighting about this. In any case, one interface is better than two, if you allow me to insist on this.

So how about we do RPC call to lockd to tell it to drop the locks owned by the client/local-IP pair as you proposed, *but* add an "OR" with fsid to fool proof the process ? Say something like this:

RPC_to_lockd_with (client_host, client_ip, fsid);
if ((host == client_host && vip == client_ip) ||
(get_fsid(file) == client_fsid))

This logic (RPC to lockd) will be triggered by a new command added to nfs-util package.

If we can agree on this, the rest would be easy. Done ?

-- Wendy

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