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[Cluster-devel] [RCF] removing dead files from CVS HEAD

Hi guys,

we have a bunch of files in CVS HEAD that are either unmaintained or not
required or have moved to other projects. I would like permission to kill those

clumon/*  (moved to conga)
cmirror/Makefile (leftover?)
cs-deploy-tool/* (last changelog update is from 2005. seems abandoned)
csnap*/* (seems abandoned)
ddraid/* (seems abandoned)


according to the Makefile:

SUBDIRS  = apc bladecenter brocade bullpap drac egenera ilo ipmilan
SUBDIRS += manual mcdata rps10 rsa rsb scsi sanbox2 vixel wti xvm

DISABLEDSUBDIRS  = baytech cpint ibmblade primergy rackswitch
DISABLEDSUBDIRS += rib vmware xcat xen zvm

there are a bunch of modules that we don't build or install. Does anybody know
what is the plan for those?


PS I didn't mention cmirror-kernel because i think i read on IRC that somebody
is working on it again. am I wrong/right?

I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse.

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