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Re: [Cluster-devel] [Openais] [cman plugin] How to add service to openais? Someone could give some more details?

??? wrote:
> here http://www.openais.org/doku.php?id=dev:adding_services said:
> The default service list is specified in service.c:default_services.
> If creating an external plugin, there are configuration parameters
> which may be used to add your plugin into the openais scanning of
> plugins.
> I'm using the cluster project's cman as an openais plugin, but both
> these two hadn't give details about howto add a plugin, I mean I add
> cman plugin to openais, but it didn't take effect, so the following
> is: how to configure it?

The cman plugin gets activated by openais because it is always started using
cman_tool. The magic is simply to set the environment variable


before starting openais

That causes the cman configuration service to be loaded instead of the one that
reads openais.conf


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