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[Cluster-devel] cluster/cman/man cman.5

CVSROOT:	/cvs/cluster
Module name:	cluster
Changes by:	pcaulfield sourceware org	2007-08-22 15:43:55

Modified files:
	cman/man       : cman.5 

Log message:
	Add some info about openais.conf parameters


--- cluster/cman/man/cman.5	2007/08/22 15:13:58	1.9
+++ cluster/cman/man/cman.5	2007/08/22 15:43:55	1.10
@@ -153,14 +153,51 @@
 Note that this only applies to cluster communication. The DLM does not encrypt 
 .in -7
+\fIOther OpenAIS parameters\fR
+.in +7
+In addition to the cman-specific sections, cman also loads in configuration for openAIS from CCS from the following keys:
+See the 
+.B openais.conf(5)
+man page for more information on keys that are valid for these sections. 
+Note that the <clusternodes> section will overwrite things in these sections 
+and options on the cman_tool command line will override both. 
+In particular setting things like bindnetaddr, mcastaddr, mcastport & 
+nodeid in this section will always be replaced by the values in <clusternodes>.
+cman does not use the openais.conf file at all. What it does do is 
+load the values from CCS into internal OpenAIS data structures that 
+map onto the entries to openais.conf. So that's why you can add an 
+entry in a <totem> section in CCS and it will be used by totem.
+Here's how to increase the token timeout to five seconds:
+  <totem token="5000"/>
+And this is how to add extra AIS logging options to cman & CPG:
+  <logging to_stderr="yes">
+    <logger ident="CPG" debug="on" to_stderr="yes">
+    </logger>
+    <logger ident="CMAN" debug="on" to_stderr="yes">
+    </logger>
+  </logging>
+.in -7
 .in -7
 .in +7
-cluster.conf(5), ccs(7), cman_tool(8)
+cluster.conf(5), openais.conf(5), ccs(7), cman_tool(8)

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