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[Cluster-devel] cluster/cman/man cman.5

CVSROOT:	/cvs/cluster
Module name:	cluster
Branch: 	RHEL5
Changes by:	pcaulfield sourceware org	2007-08-23 08:43:29

Modified files:
	cman/man       : cman.5 

Log message:
	Mention the openais.conf parameters that cman overrides.


--- cluster/cman/man/cman.5	2007/08/22 15:48:03
+++ cluster/cman/man/cman.5	2007/08/23 08:43:29
@@ -154,6 +154,22 @@
 In particular setting things like bindnetaddr, mcastaddr, mcastport & 
 nodeid in this section will always be replaced by the values in <clusternodes>.
+Several openais.conf items are overridden by cman by default. You can still change
+these in cluster.conf but the defaults are different from those documented in
+the openais.conf(5) man page. They are:
+  <totem
+   vsftype="none"
+   token="10000"
+   token_retransmits_before_loss_const="20"
+   join="60"
+   consensus="4800"
+   rrp_mode="none"
+   <!-- or rrp_mode="active" if altnames are present >
+   />
+   <logging syslog_facility="local4" />
+   <aisexec user="root" group="root" />
 cman does not use the openais.conf file at all. What it does do is 
 load the values from CCS into internal OpenAIS data structures that 
 map onto the entries to openais.conf. So that's why you can add an 

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