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[Cluster-devel] Re: [Linux-cluster] [PATCH] Add --disable-kernel-check to configure

moving to cluster-devel as it belongs there.

The patch looks ok.

Just to keep track of my only comment on IRC:
=0 instead of ="": I prefer to have them all alligned across the configure. I don't have a preference so either change your in your patch or change them all. Both are fine with me (just make sure it won't break major and minor_release as they have a slightly different check set).

Once you have decided how to address this, you have a signoff from me.

Can somebody please make sure to apply it in CVS HEAD?

I did specifically ask Soren to make this change because:

- we don't always need this in certain testing/debugging environements (David did trip on this problem 2 days ago) - packagers might have to deal with distro kernels that might be on an older version (compared to minimal requirements) but the kernel still contains all relevant patches backported from recent kernels.
- we want an easy way to override certain checks no matter what.


On Tue, 4 Dec 2007, Soren Hansen wrote:

Hi guys!

Could you please apply this patch for me? It's handy to be able to
disable the new kernel version check if we don't actually have the
kernel headers around, but know that the proper stuff is around when
it's needed.

Soren Hansen
Ubuntu Server Team

I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse.

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