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Re: [Cluster-devel] [GFS2 Patch] pass formal ino in do_filldir_main

Steven Whitehouse wrote:
In the mean time no_formal_ino will still exist, its just that it won't
be used as the lookup key, so theres no on-disk format change to
consider here, all the same fields will continue to have the same
values, so there should be no problem to use it again if required at a
later date,

ok, as long as we don't rush into removing the code, this is an acceptable plan. We can discuss the issue further when we meet face-to-face next month. In the mean time, will go ahead to make lookup code consistent by tentatively putting no_formal_ino aside. Without the changes, half of the current NFS lookups would fail. We need to have something working right now.

I also invite Kent Baxley (one of our TAMs) here to help out with the issue. I recalled he mentioned sometime ago that the "create" table in GFS2-mySQL benchmark was noticeably slow - not sure whether pick_formal_ino() plays any role there. Will give him two gfs2.ko to re-run the benchmark and see what we get.

-- Wendy

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