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[Cluster-devel] conga/luci/docs user_manual.html

CVSROOT:	/cvs/cluster
Module name:	conga
Changes by:	jparsons sourceware org	2007-01-15 20:03:45

Modified files:
	luci/docs      : user_manual.html 

Log message:
	final manual additions for bz201394


--- conga/luci/docs/user_manual.html	2007/01/15 19:57:22	1.12
+++ conga/luci/docs/user_manual.html	2007/01/15 20:03:45	1.13
@@ -324,14 +324,29 @@
   is on the node list page. 
 <h4>Add a Node</h4>
 Below is a screenshot of the Add a Node page:
-  <img src="./clus5.png"/><br/>
+  <img src="./addnode_11.png"/><br/>
   <b>Figure #10:  Add a Node Page</b>
   The Add a Node page is similar in look and function to the Add a System
   page available in the Homebase tab. The system hostname of IP Address is
   entered in the appropriate field along with the password for the
-  system. Multiple nodes may be added at once. When the submit button is
+  system. Multiple nodes may be added at once. The user is offered the
+  chance to verify the certificate for the new node to be added, just as
+  they were when adding a system on the home base tab. 
+  <p/>
+  Two other options are available to the user when adding a node: They are
+  presented with a pair of radio buttons that allow for a choice of either
+  pulling the necessary packages from the configured Yum repository for 
+  the system (The very latest packages are always selected with this option),
+  or packages already installed on the system are used. If any packages 
+  are missing, an error message is returned and the node is not added.
+  <p/>
+  The other option available to the user is a checkbox for Shared Storage
+  support. Checking this box will install and initially configure the
+  CLVM (Clustered Logical Volume Management) packages and the GFS clustered file system packages. In a cluster environment, this box will almost always need to 
+  be checked.
+  When the submit button is
   clicked, the following takes place: 
  <li>Contact is made with each future nodes ricci agent. If this contact fails

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