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[Cluster-devel] conga conga.spec.in.in

CVSROOT:	/cvs/cluster
Module name:	conga
Branch: 	RHEL5
Changes by:	rmccabe sourceware org	2007-06-18 19:06:37

Modified files:
	.              : conga.spec.in.in 

Log message:
	Update changelog to reflect bugs fixed


--- conga/conga.spec.in.in	2007/06/18 18:39:31
+++ conga/conga.spec.in.in	2007/06/18 19:06:37
@@ -284,11 +284,29 @@
-* Mon Apr 30 2007 Ryan McCabe <rmccabe redhat com> 0.9.2-7
+* Mon Jun 18 2007 Ryan McCabe <rmccabe redhat com> 0.10.0-1
 - Fixed bz238655 (conga does not set the "nodename" attribute for manual fencing)
+- Fixed bz221899 (Node log displayed in partially random order)
+- Fixed bz225782 (Need more luci service information on startup - no info written to log about failed start cause)
+- Fixed bz227743 (Intermittent/recurring problem - when cluster is deleted, sometimes a node is not affected)
+- Fixed bz227682 (saslauthd[2274]: Deprecated pam_stack module called from service "ricci")
+- Fixed bz239389 (conga cluster: make 'enable shared storage' the default)
+- Fixed bz239596
+- Fixed bz240034 (rpm verify fails on luci)
+- Fixed bz240361 (Conga storage UI front-end is too slow rendering storage)
+- Fixed bz241415 (Installation using Conga shows "error" in message during reboot cycle.)
+- Fixed bz241418 (Conga tries to configurage cluster snaps, though they are not available.)
+- Fixed bz241706 (Eliminate confusion in add fence flow)
+- Fixed bz241727 (can't set user permissions in luci)
+- Fixed bz242668 (luci init script can return non-LSB-compliant return codes)
+- Fixed bz243701 (ricci init script can exit with non-LSB-compliant return codes)
+- Fixed bz244146 (Add port number to message when ricci is not started/firewalled on cluster nodes.)
+- Resolves: bz238655, bz221899, bz225782, bz227682, bz227743, bz239389,
+- Resolves: bz239596, bz240034, bz240361, bz241415, bz241418, bz241706,
+- Resolves: bz241727, bz242668, bz243701, bz244146
 * Wed Apr 11 2007 Ryan McCabe <rmccabe redhat com> 0.9.2-5
 - Fixed bz225206 (Cluster cannot be deleted (from 'Manage Systems') - but no error results)

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