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[Cluster-devel] Announce: new-aops-1 for 2.6.21-rc3

OK, I've gone through and fixed several bugs until the thing actually
survives fsx-linux for both ext2 and ext3 ordered and writeback (both
when using the new aops, and the legacy prepare_write path). Actually
ext3 sometimes breaks, but it does in unpatched kernels anyway.

At 15 patches (including the initial buffered write deadlock fixes),
it is too much to keep posting -- not much has fundamentally changed,
so I'll just post occasionally if we make big changes. The quilt
format is probably easier for someone wishing to work on it anyway.


(excludes the OCFS2 patch that Mark sent, in anticipation of an update)

It would be really nice if filesystem developers could take a look
at the new interfaces some time, because otherwise they might get stuck
with it :) So I'm cc'ing a few filesystems that come to mind, that I 
haven't heard anything from. 


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