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Re: [Cluster-devel] [PATCH] GFS2: kernel changes to support new gfs2_grow command (Try 3)

On Wed, May 02, 2007 at 08:57:08PM -0500, Robert Peterson wrote:
> +	__u64 fs_total, new_free, new_free_readable;

use u64, __u64 is for structs shared with user space

> +	printk(KERN_WARNING "GFS2: File system extended by %llu "
> +	       "blocks (%llu%cB)\n", new_free, new_free_readable,
> +	       stg_abbrev[factor]);

use fs_warn(), and unless there's some precedent elsewhere I don't think
the human-readable translation is appropriate in the kernel.

> +	if (!gfs2_glock_is_held_excl(ip->i_gl) &&
> +	    !gfs2_glock_is_held_shrd(ip->i_gl) &&

Be extremely wary of using these "is_held" functions algorithmically;
needing to use them is usually an indication that you're doing something
wrong (I'll have to study this case a bit more to say anything helpful).

It's instructional to note that the glock_is_held functions are _never_
used outside of assertions in all of gfs1 and gfs2!  There's an exception
to every rule, but...


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