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Re: [Cluster-devel] small inconsistency presenting fs stats between GFS1 and GFS2

Fabio Massimo Di Nitto wrote:
Hi guys,

this is purely cosmetic and I didn't prepare a patch but see this:

given a 4GB block device (just as an example):

/dev/nbd2             3,9G  518M  3,4G  14% /mnt/gfs2
/dev/nbd1             3,1G   20K  3,1G   1% /mnt/gfs

you can see that gfs1 masks the device size to hide the journals, while gfs2
shows the journal as "in use" space.

would it be possible to make gfs1 consistent with gfs2 (and probably the rest of
the world) by reporting the data in the same way? is it possible to do it
without breaking anything?

I would think it is ok but this is arguable. Say in ext3 case, if the journal is on an external device, will you count it as "in use" space ? I never heard our users complain about this (maybe until now ? :) ). Changing this may cause some confusions with GFS1's existing installation base (say customers may start to complain.. after RHEL x.y, we start to see diskspace usage jump or something like that ?).

-- Wendy

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