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[Cluster-devel] [GFS2/DLM] Pre-pull patch posting


Since it seems that another merge window will probably be opening shortly
this is a posting of the current content of the GFS2/DLM -nmw git tree.

There are no new features this time, its all fixes and cleanups. I have
a few patches that I'm holding back which I'm intending to start off
the new -nmw git tree with after this merge, those include:

 o Patch to use page_mkwrite() on page faults (and thus allow us to
   use the filemap_fault() function rather than having a special
   GFS2 version of this like we do at the moment)
 o Patch to clean up gfs2_internal_read() as requested by Christoph
 o Patches to separate the GFS2 aops into three separate operations
   structures (for writeback, ordered & jdata) as per ext3 which is
   waiting for the merge of Nick Piggin's AOP changes so that I don't
   land up creating a merge conflict.

Anyhow, back to what is in this set of patches... the major area of
change is the journalling code where there has been a lot of clean
up. Other than that, its mostly fixes for individual bugs and clean
ups that other people have sent to me,


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