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[Cluster-devel] GFS2/DLM git tree


So as you've probably all noticed by now, Linus has merged the previous
-nmw git tree earlier this week and I've thus started a new one.
Although I rebased it last night, I'm about to do it again when I push
that last set of patches that I just posted. Thats because I managed to
pull from Linus at a time when kbuild was broken for x86 (and which I
spent some of this morning trying to work out why I was getting a zImage
when I'd asked for a bzImage!).

If you've sent me a patch recently and its not in the tree, and wasn't
merged in this merge window, then I've lost/fogrotten it, so please
check to see that I have everything I ought to have. I don't think I've
lost anything, but now is a good time to check and let me know.

Although there have been a lot of patches recently, I'm expecting the
rate of change to be somewhat slower over the next few weeks at least,


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