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[Cluster-devel] conga/luci/site/luci/Extensions LuciClusterAct ...

CVSROOT:	/cvs/cluster
Module name:	conga
Branch: 	RHEL5
Changes by:	rmccabe sourceware org	2007-10-22 19:24:03

Modified files:
	luci/site/luci/Extensions: LuciClusterActions.py 

Log message:
	Use the node name in cluster.conf instead of the node name in the luci database for forced fencing


--- conga/luci/site/luci/Extensions/LuciClusterActions.py	2007/08/17 20:26:32
+++ conga/luci/site/luci/Extensions/LuciClusterActions.py	2007/10/22 19:24:02
@@ -601,10 +601,10 @@
 	if rc is None:
 		if LUCI_DEBUG_MODE is True:
 			luci_log.debug_verbose('FNF0: no ricci to fence %s for cluster %s' \
-				% (nodename_resolved, clustername))
+				% (nodename, clustername))
 		return None
-	batch_number, result = rq.nodeFence(rc, nodename_resolved)
+	batch_number, result = rq.nodeFence(rc, nodename)
 	if batch_number is None or result is None:
 		if LUCI_DEBUG_MODE is True:
 			luci_log.debug_verbose('FNF1: batch_number and/or result is None')
@@ -614,7 +614,7 @@
 		set_node_flag(self, clustername, rc.hostname(),
 			str(batch_number), NODE_FENCE,
 			'Node "%s" is being fenced by node "%s"' \
-				% (nodename_resolved, rc.hostname()))
+				% (nodename, rc.hostname()))
 	except Exception, e:
 		if LUCI_DEBUG_MODE is True:
 			luci_log.debug_verbose('FNF2: failed to set flags: %r %s' \

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