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Re: [Cluster-devel] [RFC] Killing ccs for good

Kevin Anderson wrote:

>> The libcman API is not final yet. There might be changes related to the way in
>> which we upload/download config. The API is missing a bunch of ccs_*
>> functionalities that would be seen as regression if missing (even tho i doubt
>> there are that many users out there).
> Some of the "hidden" features of ccs are the ability to create the
> configuration files through command line scripting.  You could at least
> create a cluster and add nodes, although doesn't provide the ability to
> do everything the cluster.conf file.  A command line interface to the
> cluster configuration that covers all aspects of the cluster.conf file
> would be needed before we can remove ccs from the system.  One of the
> things missing from the ccs_tool are adding rgmanager services, am sure
> we are missing other features as well.

Yes I am aware of the stuff that ccs_tool does and most of them will require
porting to the new API. Thing is that given the stage where we are now, we can
adapt the API and the tools to be more powerful. Something that is difficult to
achieve with ccs_tool because we don't exactly know how many clients it has out
there and we don't want to break them.
With a well known API change in the process we can expect that those tools will
be ported and as a benefit we can get rid of old compatibility bits that we are
carrying around.


I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse.

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