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Re: [Cluster-devel] [RFC] Killing ccs for good

David Teigland wrote:
> Getting rid of the artificial separation between cman and ccs was
> definately one of the motivations.  The other big one was to separate
> basic cluster.conf queries from the remote update/syncing mechanisms.
> I'd like to see a completely new (and simple!) method of updating/syncing
> cluster.conf files around the cluster, that's completely separate from the
> code that supports cluster.conf queries.

This is somewhat achieved already. queries and handling of the conf is all done
in the library. cman/aisexec takes care of synchronizing.
You can already upload new configs and they are propagate through the cluster.
See the cman/lib/test.c code snippets that i did check in by mistake :)
it has one update_config example in 3/4 calls.

>> - move the config handler to its own openais service. This will be totally
>> transparent to the applications and we will rework most of the internal bits
>> to use the aisexec db.
> I think we should get this last bit done before investing too much time in
> the apps... just in case this transition to openais involves more change
> than we anticipate.

While i would generally agree on this bit, we are somewhat pending some changes
in the aisexec db that is still lacking some functionalities. I would prefer to
see a reliable and functional backend before switching.

Anyway 90% of the apps are ported.. modulo rgmanager and bugs..

> Thanks for tackling all this, it's looking great.

No problem :) it's fun.. really


I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse.

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