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Re: [Cluster-devel] [PATCH] add format and filtering options to cman_tool

Ryan O'Hara wrote:

Below is a patch that will add the ability to filter the output of 'cman_tool nodes' by nodename, as well as specify the format of the output.

Filtering by nodename is done via the -n <nodename> option. Multiple nodes can be specified per usual.

Formatting can be done via the -F <opt1,opt2,...> option, where opt1, opt2, etc. can be one of four things: id, name, type, and addr. These will output the node id, node name, type, and address(es) for the node(s) respectively. Note that this is not a complete set of options as they correspond to information available from cman_tool, but it does achieve the goal.

This is intended to give users a way to extract specific information about a node (or node), which might be useful for scripts, etc.

Comments welcome.


This is a lovely thing, Ryan. Thank you.

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