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[Cluster-devel] time for STABLE2 branch

I believe the time has arrived for a STABLE2 cluster branch.

CVS HEAD hasn't been usable by most people for quite a while, partly due
to ugly build requirements and partly due to instability of new code.
Building HEAD currently requires the unstable version of openais, and a
gfs2 patch that only exists in the gfs2 git tree -- both things that most
people don't want to use, or are difficult to use.

The RHEL5 branch has also been largely unusable for a long time, because
it requires the RHEL5.1 kernel to build it, which isn't generally
available AFAIK, much less widely in use.

The STABLE2 branch will:
- work with the latest stable upstream kernel from kernel.org
- work with the whitetank branch of openais
- otherwise have the same code/patches as the RHEL5 branch

I think we should probably branch STABLE2 off of HEAD and then back out
the changes that don't agree with the points above.  The reason we've been
putting this off is because of the pain of checking changes into another
branch.  I'm hoping to come up with some way to manage and track this with
less manual intervetion, maybe even automate it to some extent.


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