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Re: [Cluster-devel] time for STABLE2 branch

David Teigland wrote:
> I believe the time has arrived for a STABLE2 cluster branch.
> CVS HEAD hasn't been usable by most people for quite a while, partly due
> to ugly build requirements and partly due to instability of new code.
> Building HEAD currently requires the unstable version of openais, and a
> gfs2 patch that only exists in the gfs2 git tree -- both things that most
> people don't want to use, or are difficult to use.
> The RHEL5 branch has also been largely unusable for a long time, because
> it requires the RHEL5.1 kernel to build it, which isn't generally
> available AFAIK, much less widely in use.
> The STABLE2 branch will:
> - work with the latest stable upstream kernel from kernel.org
> - work with the whitetank branch of openais
> - otherwise have the same code/patches as the RHEL5 branch
> I think we should probably branch STABLE2 off of HEAD and then back out
> the changes that don't agree with the points above. 

> The reason we've been
> putting this off is because of the pain of checking changes into another
> branch.  I'm hoping to come up with some way to manage and track this with
> less manual intervetion, maybe even automate it to some extent.

This is vital, without it any other branch will just die because no-one will be
bothered to check anything into it. CVS branches are a royal pain in the bum.


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