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[Cluster-devel] RCS sandbox

Hi everybody,

for sometime now there has been a strong indication (on IRC) that the project
should move away from CVS to land on a more modern RCS.

Before you start a flame war that foo is better than bar and so on, let me
explain that we all understand the RCS of choice is always binded to people
personal tastes and it is basically impossible to make everybody happy.

It is my understanding that our options are also limited to what our hosting
service can provide but David should be able to confirm this.

One (and i repeat - one -) of the option is to switch to git.

To give developers an easy way to try it out, I did a test import of the entire
CVS archive (including history and branches) in git.

So what is the deal here:

- the repository has been imported once for testing:
 * it is not syncing regularly with CVS.
 * it is not complete (lacks some info in the commit logs, it does not map CVS
user names to git sign-off).
 * the import history has not been verified.

- the repository is hosted on a sandbox on my personal workstation:
 * you can use git:// and http:// checkouts.
 * you can commit (*).
 * all changes will be dropped *if* we will ever switch to git.
 * there is no guarantee that my workstation will be up 24/7.
 * bandwidth to my workstation is nothing spectacular so be patience (**).

So if you want to try it out you can browse everything using:


(*) In order to get an account on the sandbox, please mail get in touch via
email (or IRC) with me. (PS: I will give accounts only to people that have CVS
write access)

(**) my workstation is also Ipv6 enabled. In some setups you might want to make
sure to use Ipv4 on your end if you notice an extremely long timeout on your
side (it usually a symptom of a broken hardware or setup on your side ;)).

Have fun

I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse.

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