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[Cluster-devel] Cluster Project annotated tag, cluster-2.03.00, created. cluster-2.03.00

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "Cluster Project".


The annotated tag, cluster-2.03.00 has been created
        at  e07faed464b8d808f1594c00854039a8d8b1baaa (tag)
   tagging  819fddbffaf73550a046f79e78d5147f0e8b9030 (commit)
  replaces  cluster-2.02.00
 tagged by  David Teigland
        on  Fri Apr 11 09:45:31 2008 -0500

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
cluster-2.03.00 release

Abhijith Das (3):
      gfs2_tool: remove 'gfs2_tool counters' as they aren't implemented anymore
      gfs-kernel: fix for bz 429343 gfs_glock_is_locked_by_me assertion
      gfs2_tool manpage: gfs2_tool counters doesn't exist anymore.

Andrew Price (1):
      [[BUILD] Warn and continue if CONFIG_KERNELVERSION is not found

Bob Peterson (9):
      Resolves: bz 435917: GFS2: mkfs.gfs2 default lock protocol
      Resolves: bz 421761: 'gfs_tool lockdump' wrongly says 'unknown
      Resolves: bz 431945: GFS: gfs-kernel should use device major:minor
      Update to prior commit for bz431945: I forgot that STABLE2
      Resolves: bz 436383: GFS filesystem size inconsistent
      Fix savemeta so it saves gfs-1 rg information properly
      Fix gfs2_edit print options (-p) to work properly for gfs-1
      gfs2_edit was not recalculating the max block size after it figured
      Fix some compiler warnings in gfs2_edit

Chris Feist (1):
      Added back in change to description line to make chkconfig work properly.

Christine Caulfield (5):
      [DLM] Don't segfault if lvbptr is NULL
      [CMAN] Free up any queued messages when someone disconnects
      [CMAN] Limit outstanding replies
      [CMAN] valid port number & don't use it before validation
      Remove references to broadcast.

David Teigland (4):
      doc: update usage.txt
      groupd: purge messages from dead nodes
      dlm_tool: print correct rq mode in lockdump
      libdlm: fix lvb copying

Fabio M. Di Nitto (8):
      [BUILD] Fix configure script to handle releases
      [BUILD] Fix build system with openais whitetank
      [BUILD] Allow release version to contain padding 0's
      Add toplevel .gitignore
      [BUILD] Fix handling of version and libraries soname
      [BUILD] Fix man page install permission
      Revert "Fix help message to refer to script as 'fence_scsi_test'."
      Revert "fix bz277781 by accepting "nodename" as a synonym for "node""

Joel Becker (1):
      libdlm: Don't pass LKF_WAIT to the kernel

Jonathan Brassow (4):
      rgmanager/lvm.sh: Fix bug 438816
      rgmanager/lvm.sh:  Fix bug bz242798
      rgmanager/lvm.sh: change argument order of shell command
      rgmanager/lvm.sh:  Minor comment updates

Lon Hohberger (10):
      Add Sybase failover agent
      Update changelog
      Add / fix Oracle 10g failover agent
      [rgmanager] Make ip.sh check link states of non-ethernet devices
      [rgmanager] Set cloexec bit in msg_socket.c
      [rgmanager] Don't call quotaoff if quotas are not used
      [CMAN] Fix "Node X is undead" loop bug
      [rgmanager] Fix #432998
      [cman] Apply missing fix for #315711
      [CMAN] Make cman init script start qdiskd intelligently

Ryan McCabe (1):
      fix bz277781 by accepting "nodename" as a synonym for "node"

Ryan O'Hara (15):
      Variable should be quoted in conditional statement.
      Fix unregister code to report failure correctly.
      Remove "self" parameter. This was used to specify the name of the node
      Fix code to use get_key subroutine.
      Fix split calls to be consistent. Remove the optional LIMIT parameter.
      Replace /var/lock/subsys/${0##*/} with /var/lock/subsys/scsi_reserve.
      Fix success/failure reporting when registering devices at startup.
      Rewrite of get_scsi_devices function.
      Record devices that are successfully registered to /var/run/scsi_reserve.
      Allow 'stop' to release the reservation if and only if there are no other
      Attempt to register the node in the case where it must perform fence_scsi
      Fix help message to refer to script as 'fence_scsi_test'.
      BZ 248715
      BZ: 373491, 373511, 373531, 373541, 373571, 429033
      BZ 441323 : Redirect stderr to /dev/null when getting list of devices.


Cluster Project

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