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[Cluster-devel] [GFS2] Pre-pull patch posting

This is the current content of the GFS2 -nmw git tree. Mostly bug
fixes, there are some changes relating to block mapping which are
working towards cleaning up this code and allowing more efficient
block mapping. There is a second part to that work which is not
included in this patch set - the plan is that it will be in the
next patch set and its currently undergoing testing.

There are a number of clean up patches in the series too. We have
been continuing the work of gradually reducing the fields in the
various ..._host structures with a view to eventually eliminating
them completely. They were introduced as a stop-gap measure to fix
the endianess annotation and the fields are now gradually being moved
to other structures (or eliminated).

Bob Peterson's new improved "bitfit" algorithm provides a nice
speed up when we are allocating blocks as well as cleaning up
that area of the code.


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