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[Cluster-devel] Cluster Project annotated tag, cluster-2.99.00, created. cluster-2.99.00

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "Cluster Project".


The annotated tag, cluster-2.99.00 has been created
        at  3b2c2df3bf9b1c198de6cf331645cddf426b2e7f (tag)
   tagging  a32f181b810d22f1f034555958ec2174a8980452 (commit)
  replaces  gfs-kernel_0_1_22
 tagged by  Fabio M. Di Nitto
        on  Mon Apr 28 19:59:28 2008 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
cluster-2.99.00 release

Abhijith Das (6):
      gfs2_tool: remove 'gfs2_tool counters' as they aren't implemented anymore
      gfs-kernel: fix for bz 429343 gfs_glock_is_locked_by_me assertion
      gfs2_tool manpage: gfs2_tool counters doesn't exist anymore.
      gfs2_tool: Fix build warnings in misc.c bz 441636
      gfs2_tool manpage: Updates to the manpage for bz441636
      gfs2_tool: Fix build warnings in misc.c bz 441636

Andrew Price (4):
      [[BUILD] Warn and continue if CONFIG_KERNELVERSION is not found
      [GFS2] gfs2_fsck: Fix operation on 'ptr' may be undefined warnings
      [GFS2] Remove unrequired header file
      [GFS2] gfs2_edit: Remove duplicate linux_endian.h

Benjamin Marzinski (1):
      The gnbd kernel module on 64 bit architectures didn't handle ioctls from 32 bit

Bob Peterson (14):
      Resolves: bz 435917: GFS2: mkfs.gfs2 default lock protocol
      Resolves: bz 421761: 'gfs_tool lockdump' wrongly says 'unknown
      Resolves: bz 431945: GFS: gfs-kernel should use device major:minor
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://sources.redhat.com/git/cluster into master.bz431945
      Update to prior commit for bz431945: I forgot that STABLE2
      Resolves: bz 436383: GFS filesystem size inconsistent
      Fix savemeta so it saves gfs-1 rg information properly
      Fix gfs2_edit print options (-p) to work properly for gfs-1
      gfs2_edit was not recalculating the max block size after it figured
      Fix some compiler warnings in gfs2_edit
      bz440896/440897 GFS: gfs_fsck should repair gfs_grow corruption
      bz425421: gfs mount attempt hangs if no more journals available
      bz438762: gfs_tool: Cannot allocate memory
      bz295301: Need man page for gfs_edit

Chris Feist (5):
      Added date.  (test git commit)
      Test git commit.
      Removed newline.
      Test git commit.
      Added back in change to description line to make chkconfig work properly.

Christine Caulfield (19):
      cman3 commit
      [CMAN] Don't ignore cman_tool version
      [CMAN] Remove deleted nodes from our list
      Merge branch 'cman3'
      Fix multicast display in 'cman_tool status'
      Initialise votes to 0
      [DLM] Don't segfault if lvbptr is NULL
      [CCS] Fix the config loader for good
      [CMAN] Make cman cope with the new objdb structure
      [CMAN] Free up any queued messages when someone disconnects
      [CMAN] Limit outstanding replies
      [CMAN] Don't declare a variable in the middle of a block
      [CMAN] valid port number & don't use it before validation
      [DLM] Mention lidlm_lt in the man page
      Remove references to broadcast.
      [CMAN] Save the new expected_votes when a node is removed
      [MISC] Make it build with gcc 4.3
      [FENCE] Make it build with gcc 4.3
      [CMAN] Disallow a new dirty node from joining the cman cluster

David Teigland (17):
      groupd: purge messages from dead nodes
      dlm_tool: print correct rq mode in lockdump
      libdlm: fix lvb copying
      dlm_controld: new version
      dlm_controld: quorum checking
      libdlm: max name length sanity
      dlm_controld: max name length sanity
      gfs: don't cancel glocks when writing to hidden file
      gfs_controld: retry recovery for withdrawn journal
      fenced: new version
      fenced: more new devel
      dlm_controld: build plock code
      fenced: new libfenced interface
      fence: using new libs
      fenced: process queries in a thread
      fenced: allow queries during fencing; group queries

Fabio M. Di Nitto (83):
      Update gnbd kernel modules to build with 2.6.24
      EXPORT_SYMBOL(xtime) has been removed in 2.6.24.
      Update gfs to cope with 2.6.24 export op changes and other bits
      fix gfs for the removal of sendfile and helper functions
      Remove unused variable
      Fix build warning
      Bump kernel check to 2.6.24
      Remove obsolete file
      Red Hat bugzilla 244343:
      Bugzilla 227892:
      Remove unrequire functions. This follow gfs2 changes
      Whitespace cleanup
      Stop linking against unrequired libraries.
      Cleanup man page.
      Man page cleanup.
      Clean up qdisk man page.
      Fix http://bugs.debian.org/465790
      Sync missing commit from RHEL5 branch:
      [CMAN] Move ccs config ais module into ccs/ccsais
      [BUILD] Fix configure script to handle releases
      [CCS] Upload all subsystem configs into objdb
      Add toplevel .gitignore
      [BUILD] Allow release version to contain padding 0's
      [CCS] Fix xml -> objdb config import
      [CCS] Cleanup duplicate vars from previous commit
      [CCS] Fix possible memory corruption on double free
      [CMAN] Drop dependency on libdevmapper
      [CMAN] Fix building when -DDEBUG is not specified
      [BUILD] Fix handling of version and libraries soname
      [BUILD] Update .gitignore for .o and .d files
      [BUILD] Set -MMD as default CFLAGS
      [BUILD] Fix man page install permission
      [CMAN] Fix config handling
      [CMAN] Do not duplicate entries in the objdb
      [CMAN] qdisk: add credits to Joel
      [FENCE] Enable fence_apc_snmp
      [FENCE] apc_snmp: allow paths to snmp binaries to be configurable
      [BUILD] Remove extra debugging entry
      [BUILD] Fix fenceperl and fencepy make snippets to allow multiple targets
      [BUILD] Add fencelibdir support
      [BUILD] add enable_experimental_fence_agents configure option
      [FENCE] Move apc_snmp README where it belongs
      [FENCE] Move apc_snmp README where it belongs
      [FENCE] Remove obsoleted fence_apc perl implementation
      [BUILD] Royal cleanup of the fence agents build system
      [BUILD] Enable build and install of experimental fence agents
      [FENCE] Fix fencelib to pring version and copyright
      [FENCE] Make sure to version and copyright all built files
      [BUILD] Fix clean target for experimental fence/agents/lib
      Revert "Fix help message to refer to script as 'fence_scsi_test'."
      Revert "fix bz277781 by accepting "nodename" as a synonym for "node""
      [KERNEL] Update modules to build with 2.6.25
      [GFS2] Fix build warning
      [BUILD] Add --enable_crack_of_the_day configure option
      [BUILD] Fix typo
      [BUILD] Set automatically cflags when building experimental bits
      [GROUP] Fix building with standard kernels
      Revert "gfs2_tool: Fix build warnings in misc.c bz 441636"
      [BUILD] Fix clean target
      [RGMANAGER] Fix build with gcc4.3
      [GFS2] Fix build warning
      [rgmanager] Remove obsolete clushutdown utility
      [CCS] libraries should never log
      [CCS] Convert to logsys
      [MISC] Update copyright headers
      [MISC] Update Red Hat main copyright file
      [BUILD] Deal with the new libfence properly
      [BUILD] Fix install/uninstall targets for fence/agents/lib
      [BUILD] Allow users to set default log dir and syslog facility
      [CCS] Switch to use user selected logdir and syslogfacility
      [CMAN] Convert qdiskd to use logsys
      [CMAN] Use build/user defined default logging facility
      [CCS] Document -d (debugging) switch
      [CCS] Allow ccsd logging level and facility to be set by cluster.conf
      [BUILD] Deal with new libfenced
      [BUILD] Fix building with separate object dir
      [BUILD] Fix kernel check for good
      [BUILD] Fix fence lib install target
      [GROUP] Apply patch to make gfs_controld work with 2.6.26
      [FENCE] Enable new fence agents by default
      [RGMANAGER] Fix uninstall target
      [BUILD] Fix build order. Gotta love circular build depends...
      [CMAN] Setup logging file

Joel Becker (1):
      libdlm: Don't pass LKF_WAIT to the kernel

Jonathan Brassow (7):
      - better checking for improper setup
      - Bug 431705: HA LVM should prevent users from running an invalid setup (2)
      rgmanager/lvm.sh: Fix bug 438816
      rgmanager/lvm.sh:  Fix bug bz242798
      rgmanager/lvm.sh: change argument order of shell command
      rgmanager/lvm.sh:  Minor comment updates
      rgmanager/lvm.metadata: Fix parameter description fields

Lon Hohberger (31):
      Fix #430272, #430220
      Fix qdiskd master abdication logic (#430264)
      Make default TTL 4 instead of 2 per Fabio's recommendation (e.g. RFC2608).  Make TTL configurable in cluster.conf/command line for fence_xvm.
      Make fenced's override wait time configurable.
      Fix short read handling in read_pipe
      Correct incorrect netmask handling in ip.sh
      * Make fence_ack_manual.sh accept -n
      Fix #435189 - fenced override doesn't allow rgmanager to recover because
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://lhh sources redhat com/git/cluster
      Add Sybase failover agent
      Update changelog
      Add / fix Oracle 10g failover agent
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://lhh sources redhat com/git/cluster
      [fence] Make fence_xvmd support reloading of key files on the fly.
      [CMAN] Fix "Node X is undead" loop bug
      [rgmanager] Don't call quotaoff if quotas are not used
      [rgmanager] Make ip.sh check link states of non-ethernet devices
      [rgmanager] Set cloexec bit in msg_socket.c
      [rgmanager] Fix #432998
      [rgmanager] Remove unused lockspace.c file
      [cman] Merge scandisk & fixes from RHEL5 branch
      [cman] Fix qdisk Makefile / disk_util merge bugs
      [cman] Make mkqdisk print all device paths
      [cman] Apply missing fix for #315711
      [cman/qdisk] Fix type pun errors in proc.c
      [CMAN] Make cman init script start qdiskd intelligently
      Revert "[CMAN] Make cman init script start qdiskd intelligently"
      [CMAN] Make cman init script start qdiskd intelligently
      [fence] Preliminary TPS/NBB/NPS support in new WTI agent.
      [fence] Close file descriptors that are in invalid/error states
      Remove clushutdown man page references from clusvcadm.8; resolves #324151

Marek 'marx' Grac (4):
      fence/agents:	New fencings agents
      fence/agents:	WTI agents merged
      fence/agents:	Add obsolete options
      [RGMANAGER] Fixed typo in mysql.metadata

Patrick Caulfield (4):
      Improve startup error checking and logging.
      Oops. a bit too much cman3 fell into that last checkin
      Change a log_printf() into a syslog() so that the die message
      Implement a nicer way of getting the quorum disk information.

Robert Peterson (1):
      Resolves: bz 223660: man gfs2(8) refers to the gfs2_mkfs manpage

Ryan McCabe (6):
      Fix bz434790
      Fix a few misspellings
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://sources.redhat.com/git/cluster
      Feeling pedantic. More spelling fixes.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://sources.redhat.com/git/cluster
      fix bz277781 by accepting "nodename" as a synonym for "node"

Ryan O'Hara (15):
      Variable should be quoted in conditional statement.
      Fix unregister code to report failure correctly.
      Remove "self" parameter. This was used to specify the name of the node
      Fix code to use get_key subroutine.
      Fix split calls to be consistent. Remove the optional LIMIT parameter.
      Replace /var/lock/subsys/${0##*/} with /var/lock/subsys/scsi_reserve.
      Fix success/failure reporting when registering devices at startup.
      Rewrite of get_scsi_devices function.
      Record devices that are successfully registered to /var/run/scsi_reserve.
      Allow 'stop' to release the reservation if and only if there are no other
      Attempt to register the node in the case where it must perform fence_scsi
      Fix help message to refer to script as 'fence_scsi_test'.
      BZ 248715
      BZ: 373491, 373511, 373531, 373541, 373571, 429033
      BZ 441323 : Redirect stderr to /dev/null when getting list of devices.

ccaulfield (1):
      Allow unnamed parent objects. This fixes a bug where

jparsons (1):
      Bump MAX_DEVICES in fenced from 4 to 8


Cluster Project

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