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Re: [Cluster-devel] rind-0.8.1 patch

On Mon, 2008-02-04 at 18:41 +0100, Marc Grimme wrote:
> Hi Lon,
> finally I had time looking at this patch and adapted your example for the 
> follow-service a little bit.
> Besides that the eventtriggering is running es expected I stubled over some 
> minor changes (find patch attached).
> 1. Isn't it better to organize the configuration as follows:
>   <event name="followservice_node" class="node" 
> file="/usr/local/cluster/follow-service.sl">
>                         follow_service("service:ip_a";, "service:ip_b";, "ip_a", 
> 1);
>     </event>

See below...

> Now you can use the follow_service function as a library function and make the 
> implementation in the cluster.conf (this is already integrated in the patch).
> I would also like something like this:
>   <event name="followservice_node" class="node">      
>         <file="/usr/local/cluster/another-lib.sl">
>         <file="/usr/local/cluster/follow-service.sl">
>         follow_service("service:ip_a";, "service:ip_b";, "ip_a", 1);
>     </event>
> This would make using sl-files very modular. I didn't yet have time to 
> implement it but wanted to hear what you are thinking.

Nothing to implement, really.  The following should handle both cases
without changing how configuration works (and requiring more parsing of

  <event name="followservice_node" class="node">      
    follow_service("service:ip_a";, "service:ip_b";, "ip_a", 1);

I do, however, need a way to set search paths for the s-lang interpreter
as a matter of configuration.  (The above should work if you drop
another-lib.sl and follow-service.sl in /usr/share/cluster...)

<events search_path="/usr/share/cluster:/usr/local/cluster:..." />
   <!-- for example -->

(However, I don't consider this critical...)

I looked in to modules, but it'd be more complicated, and it seems
import() doesn't work on RHEL (or maybe I did it wrong...).

Note that the reason I was calling external scripts is because there's a
limit in ccsd on the amount of data you can get back from ccs_get() -
it's a couple hundred bytes.  So, embedding an entire script won't work,
but a shorty script like the one you made should work.

> 2. I found that the sl-function nodes_online() returns also online if the node 
> in question is in the cluster but has no rgmanager running. For me it worked 
> just to change the line in rgmanager/src/daemons/slang_event.c:606 :
> -               if (membership->cml_members[i].cn_member &&
> +               if (membership->cml_members[i].cn_member > 0 &&
> But I'm not sure if this is right. For me it worked perfectly well ;-) .

That's strange... I'll look at that.  That *needs* to work. :)

> Next is I reimplemented your example on follow-service and made it more 
> general.

I'll take a look at it.  Mine was really a PoC / example.  If yours is
better, then we should document it and put it up on the cluster wiki at
some point as an example of how to make rgmanager do backflips.

>  Still some cases might not be handled. But all my tests (which were 
> not too many up to know) didn't show any problems. I will hand it over to the 
> SAP Guys this week to let then see it this suits there requirements for 
> master/slave queue replication (find the example attached).

:) Good good.

-- Lon

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