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[Cluster-devel] [PATCH 0/2] NLM failover unlock

This submission is part of the patch sets added to support NFS server failover where the specified export is moved from one physical server to another. The technical discussions can be found at cluster-devel mailing list archives:

The implementation has not changed much since first RFC. The external interfaces, however, have been revised several times. During latest code review, it was suggested using export path name as the interface. The idea was subsequently prototyped but found difficult to implement. The killing issue is the existing lockd reclaim code structure on backup server. The associated export path name is difficult to retrieve (based on client svc_rqst structure) when the reclaim call is invoked. The details is explained in:
[1] http://people.redhat.com/wcheng/Patches/NFS/NLM/004.txt

Nevertheless, as commented by few IT folks who are current managing NFS servers on daily basis, the lock dropping feature itself is useful, regardless failover and/or cluster setup. This new patch set allows system administrator (or cluster user mode applications) to drop NLM lock on server based on any one of the following two criteria:

  o Server in-bound IP address
  o Export path name (with restriction - see above [1] for details)

The reclaiming grace period can only be set based on server in-bound IP address and the associated patch set will be submitted after this patch set is settled and accepted.

-- Wendy

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