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[Cluster-devel] cluster/group/gfs_controld plock.c

CVSROOT:	/cvs/cluster
Module name:	cluster
Branch: 	RHEL51
Changes by:	teigland sourceware org	2008-01-21 20:19:08

Modified files:
	group/gfs_controld: plock.c 

Log message:
	bz 429546
	Fix an alignment problem with ppc64.  Things work if we do the
	byte-swapping on the original structure and then copy it into the
	final buffer, instead of copying first and then trying to do the
	byte-swapping at an offset within the send buffer.


--- cluster/group/gfs_controld/plock.c	2007/06/08 21:31:56
+++ cluster/group/gfs_controld/plock.c	2008/01/21 20:19:08
@@ -399,15 +399,14 @@
 	info.nodeid = our_nodeid;
+	info_bswap_out(&info);
 	hd = (struct gdlm_header *)buf;
 	hd->type = MSG_PLOCK;
 	hd->nodeid = our_nodeid;
 	hd->to_nodeid = 0;
 	memcpy(buf + sizeof(struct gdlm_header), &info, sizeof(info));
-	info_bswap_out((struct gdlm_plock_info *) buf +
-						  sizeof(struct gdlm_header));
 	rv = send_group_message(mg, len, buf);

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