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[Cluster-devel] Re: [PATCH 1/3] NLM add resume procfs file

J. Bruce Fields wrote:
+	int rc;
+	rc = failover_parse_ip(file, buf, size, &server_ip);
+	if (rc < 0)
+		return rc;
return nlmsvc_failover_ip(server_ip);

Looks great, but it would fit more logically with the previous patch.
(If you know you're going to end up using this code in two places, may
as well write it that way from the start.)

The original unlock patch did have a shared routine for this purpose. After review, its code structure got changed a little bit. Since the revised version has non-trivial amount of testing efforts behind it, I think it is better to do the change here, instead of the well-tested unlock patch.

On the other hand, I cut the resume patch into three pieces mostly for review purpose. Do you think it would be easier (for your git tree works) that I combine these three small patches into a big resume patch after all the review comments are incorporated into the code ?

-- Wendy

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