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Re: [Cluster-devel] logsys in fenced

On Fri, 27 Jun 2008, David Teigland wrote:

On Thu, Jun 26, 2008 at 04:43:28PM -0500, David Teigland wrote:
On Wed, Jun 25, 2008 at 04:21:55PM -0500, David Teigland wrote:
I have yet to study logsys enough to propose an alternative to the macro
magic that's now isolated at the end of fd.h.

I've done some logsys studying and discussed it with Steve Dake.  The
logsys implementation and api is heavily geared toward use by openais
plugins (see the entire notion of "subsystems" that logsys is built
around).  Using it from a general program like fenced, not an
openais-plugin, makes the mismatch painfully clear.

So, I don't hold out much hope that logsys is going to be useful for
non-plugins.  But, just because we don't share the actual code that
performs logging, doesn't mean we can't have a uniform approach for
setting up logging properies for all cluster-related programs.  That may
still be a worthwhile goal.

The hope that I do still hold out for using logsys, is that we may be able
to develop a simple syslog-like api for it, that would either parallel or
sit above the plugin-oriented api that's there now.  Steve claims that the
syslog(3) api is fundamentally broken and didn't sound at all interested
in the idea, but maybe others are more open to the idea?

My goal is to have a common logging infrastructure with the same options all over and that will provide the same output etc. for virtually
everything as possible where it makes sense (daemons basically).

If you want to develop a parallel API or an API that sits on top, it's fine by me. Tho you will also have to take the responsibility to convert all code to use it, and update documentation and retain backward compatibility for cman/qdisk/rgmanager that had already their own config sets prior logsys. I for sure don't want see again half code converted and half not.

In my head it sounds a lot of extra work to do but for sure i am not going to stop you, as long this is done before we declare our API stable for 3.0 (that should happen within a reasonable amount of time == a month max).


I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse.

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